Makerspace reservations

Stats from January 2020 through May 2022

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Note that some categories, such as 3D printers, have multiple items where as Glowforge has one.


Top categories

Makerspace equipment is a catchall that includes all the sewing machines, Silhouette machines, sublimation printers and heat press.


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Attendance Statistics


Class Instructor Number of Students
UNV 101 Kristan Kanorr 44
ART 103 Joel Armor 12
FAS 360 Rebecca Robinson 16
FAS 221 Rebecca Robinson 47
ENG 313 Heather Listhartke 46
SPN 450/550 Zachary Campbell 16
ESP 103 Kerri Cissna 150
ART 103 Joel Armor 18
ART 103 Sam Dorgan 16
ENG 221 Mark Dahlquist 35
FAS 221 Rebecca Robinson 31
ESP 103 Kerri Cissna 100
ITL xxx Daniele Fioretti 10
IMS 203 John Millard 18
Total Students Taught 559


Date Event Name # Attendees* Partner(s)
8/16/21 New Graduate Student Orientation 20 New Grad Committee
8/18/21 New Faculty Orientation 25 New Faculty Committee
8/18/21 Discovery Bound Program 16 CAD Advising, Kristan Kanorr
8/19/21 Global Friendship Day 15 Global Initiatives, Dan Sinetar
8/15/21 ROTC Tour 15 Laura Birkenhauer
8/23/21-8/27/21 Explore King (C+I Table) 30 Nate Floyd
9/7/21 LSAMP/CAS Maker Event 75 LSAMP/CAS, Carolyn Craig
9/17/2021 Constitution Day 25
10/22/21 Creepy Crawly Crafts 55
11/15/21 Trans Awareness Week 25 DEI Committee
11/17/21 Global Crafts in the Makerspace 35 Shawn Vanness, Global Initiatives
11/8/21 Bridges Program Prototyping Workshop 15 Todd Stuart
12/6/21 Study Break 150 Laura Birkenhauer
2/23/22 Wellness Wednesday 10 Student Counseling Services; Howe Writing Center
3/7/22 3D Printing Workshop 6 STEM Society
3/9/22 Wellness Wednesday 12 Student Counseling Services; Howe Writing Center
5/2/2022 Tech Services Logo Ideation Workshop 6 Technical Services - Cara Calabrese and Masha Stepanova
4/8/22 MakeHERspace 45 CSDI; Howe Writing Center
4/29/22 Building with the Bauhaus 3 Stefanie Hilles
5/9/22 Late Night Study Breakfast 220 Laura Birkenhauer
Total Event Attendance 803

Internal note

Data is also valuable for troubleshooting

We attempted to chart how many hours the equipment was being used. However, we found that if equipment was accidentially not checked in that it can warp the statistics. It is on our to-do list to review the system settings.